About Us


World Harvest Communications, Inc. is New Jersey based, and is your media source for broadcast outreach.
WHC provide quality programming through radio and solid Internet Streaming services for organizations through Enjoyharvest.com. Our customized solutions are suitable for organizations of any size or budget. For superior quality and support look no further, WHC have an array of unique products and services.
WHC is a vehicle that provides an opportunity for global outreach. WHC technology empowers your organization to share your message to a worldwide audience. In addition to providing the highest quality audio feeds over the Internet, we provide tools necessary to increase your Reach, Revenue, and Return.
WHC is a direct provider of streaming services, pay preview, QR Codes and so much more through WHC NEXT GENERATION TOOL BOX.
WHC have an established listener-ship representation from the USA, to Africa, South America, Central America, Europe, and growing. Broadcast your organization over an established network, No Barriers.
WHC is available anywhere in the world to be your media partner. Let’s get started today!
Our Mission is building a multi-cultural global organization dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide.
Our Purpose is creating an environment for networking of kingdom relationships and resources, developing products and services with like minded people.
Our Vision is to equip and empower owners of (B.R.I.N.G.S.) Businesses, Residential services, Institutional service providers, Neighborhood & community agencies, Governmental and Social service agencies to better serve their markets, affordably and without restraint, through the use of media sharing and responsible network marketing.
WHC is committed to excellence in broadcasting.
WHC is available anywhere in the world to be your media partner. Let’s get started today!
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