6 Reasons Why Young People Aren’t Going To Church

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6 Reasons Why Young People Aren’t Going To Church

By Lillian Armstead

What are some of the reasons young Blacks are leaving the church?  Here are six reasons why:

1.  The Church is No Longer Relevant

Financially, educationally, technologically and spiritually today’s youth have more choices at their fingertips than their parents, making the church less attractive or even necessary for them to attend.

2.  The Church Is Outdated

Although the church must maintain some of its doctrine, dogma and creeds, many young people feel that the church has become immobile.  The church does not meet the new ideals that most young people encounter.

3.  They Are Tired of Having to Choose Between Their Integrity and Their Faith

In an attempt to keep the message of the Bible intact, and not risk the integrity of church leaders, open dialogue about complicated and misunderstood issues are left unanswered; leaving some attendees feeling misunderstood and unimportant.

4.  Debates in the Bible Surrounding Slavery and Genocide

In many instances, the Bible condones slavery.  It was also used as a tactic for White slave owners to control slaves.  Today’s young people want no part of this control tactic.

5.  Sεx

Young people do not want to be chastised over and over again about fornication.  It is impossible for some of them to lead a sexless life.  They feel that there are other issues that need to be addressed by the church, such as: hunger, poverty, homelessness and education, to name a few.

6.  They Are Tired of Being ‘Fake’

Young people are frustrated with holding in their anger and depression, much like their parents.  They feel that they are being disingenuous, dishonest and hypocritical by pretending to act in a manner contrary to what they are feeling.  They desire an authentic existence.

Although an increasing number of young people are leaving the Church, it is not too late for the Church leaders to win them back.  Open dialogue about what is necessary to maintain a young church-goer is essential.


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